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      1. C.P: Mr. Wu
        F T: 0512-66956915
        FDM: 0512-66930668-9602
        FAX: 0512-66930698-9602
        EMAIL: wuxiaomin@szyongjie-motor.com
        Activity policy

        The "manufacturing spirit" and "science and technology" to the next generation

          Since its establishment, Yongjie motor has developed and manufactured products in many fields, with more than 80 kinds of products. In order to pass on the company's long-standing "manufacturing spirit" and "science and technology" to the next generation, and make it well inherited in the future, the company has carried out various educational activities throughout the country in addition to conducting science education for young people in the Yangtze River Delta.

        ICP: 蘇ICP備14038574號-1 Technical support:RBWL

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