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      1. C.P: Mr. Wu
        F T: 0512-66956915
        FDM: 0512-66930668-9602
        FAX: 0512-66930698-9602
        EMAIL: wuxiaomin@szyongjie-motor.com
        Corporate culture

        Yongjie mission:

        To "do a dream to carry the enterprise" for the mission, with domestic and foreign customers for all-round cooperation.

        Yongjie Vision:

        Take the professional, diversified motor development, strengthen the products and services, the achievements of "Yongjie is the motor"

        Yongjie business philosophy:

        To "make a trusted partner" for the idea of bigger enterprises, do small business, long-term focus on the motor industry, for customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders to achieve the value of the common upgrade

        Yongjie values:

        Confident: Believe in yourself, respect for partners and society;

        Cooperation: to value creation as a guide, and the common development of the team;

        To share and harvest knowledge and labor outcomes;

        Selfless: altruistic win-win, fair and sustainable treatment of multi-demand.

        Yongjie business ideas:

        1, continue to promote corporate culture, build learning team, enhance the core competitiveness of corporate culture;

        2, the continuous integration of "management, quality and environment," the three major security system, simple management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise costs;

        3, continue to optimize the technical system and intellectual property management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise technology;

        4, continue to use "HR-ERP-MES-AMOEBA" management platform to enhance the "technology, sales, manufacturing and management" four modules in the "technology, marketing and funding" information and value management level.

        ICP: 蘇ICP備14038574號-1 Technical support:RBWL

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