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        About aluminum motor

        Author:yongjie Comefrom:Original Date:2017-4-7 10:15:41 Hits:26

        There is no absolute good and absolutely bad, aluminum with the same can do the same excellent motor.

        The debate over copper windings and aluminum windings continues. However, in the aluminum wire winding has been possible to achieve the performance of copper wire winding today, it is the industry electrical engineers to discuss the topic.

        We are interested in the beginning of this argument, some of us should remember that in the 1860s, indoor wiring with aluminum was once considered to be a fire hazard, in fact the cause of the fire is not aluminum Itself, but should be connected to the problem, the contact parts due to resistance and heat caused by heat, and ultimately destroyed the line of insulation.

        Therefore, all the aluminum wires are abandoned, it is unfair: aluminum is a perfect material for motor coils in a variety of industrial applications, aluminum is a good conductor, and, if properly applied, the performance is very excellent. There are two key factors to note here:

        First, the conductivity of aluminum is lower than that of copper. In order to compensate, the aluminum enameled wire must have a greater cross-sectional area in order to achieve the same bottom conductor performance of the copper enameled wire, which means that the filament of the aluminum wire winding requires a larger volume relative to the copper wire winding.

        The second thing to consider is the correct termination of the aluminum enameled wire. The reason you can recall the high school chemistry course. You should remember that the aluminum is easier to oxidize than other metals. If exposed to air, In a few days completely oxidized, into a very fine white powder. However, if exposed to air, the finished aluminum (aluminum, aluminum, etc.) will form a strong insulating oxide film on the surface, which will prevent further oxidation.

        In order to ensure the correct termination, the oxide layer of the enameled wire must be completely punctured and punctured to ensure that the air can not enter deeper, the motor manufacturer has developed a large pressure puncturing crimp terminal To solve this problem. This improved connection helps the aluminum enameled wire to achieve the same stability as the copper enameled wire winding motor.

        It must be pointed out that the motor efficiency is a problem in the discussion of copper and aluminum, and it is easy to compare the energy efficiency ratio between the wire windings and the copper windings. Because aluminum wires require more winding and larger diameters, they may not be economically viable in some applications, but aluminum motors are an acceptable option in some cases where volume and efficiency are not demanding.

        The choice of the bottom line is the case, in the motor quality, reliability and service life, the aluminum wire winding and copper motor as well, when the comparison of copper and aluminum, the efficiency of the consideration excluded, this comparison is Fair.

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