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        Has fallen out of value "Made in China 2025"

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        Market experience limit - stop - the daily limit will slowly return to a rational state, selected stocks to become the focus of research. Before the crash recently introduced the "Made in China 2025" is expected to cross the Bull and Bear, become the next investment hot spots.
        May 19, 2015, the State Council issued the "Made in China 2025", as a new decade of manufacturing planning, its positioning is equivalent to 2012 "" second five "national strategic emerging industry development plan."Made in China 2025" will be China's industrial development plan for the next 10 years, the top design. Many of the government's actions to the market to pass a strong signal, indicating that industrial transformation will usher in a breakthrough, speed.
        Planning objectives are: in the manufacturing sector, by 2025 China is not only the world's largest power, but also into the ranks of the world power.
        Market performance:
        oriental wealth software on May 21, 2015 set up on the "Made in China 2025" section of the index "2025 Planning (BK0713)", which contains 60 related stocks.
        The highest point of the index is 1202.78, appeared on June 9; the lowest point of 630.02, occurred on July 9.Currently hovering around 800 points, from the highest point fell 33%.
        Industry 4.0 Reform in progress:
        "Made in China 2025" is not my first proposed concept of manufacturing upgrades. As early as June 2011 and February 2012 the United States has promulgated the "Advanced Manufacturing Partner Program" and "Advanced Manufacturing National Strategic Plan", then in April 2013, Germany in the Hanover Industrial Fair for the first time released "the implementation of" industry 4.0 "Strategic Proposal".
        Three countries plan the specific content is to promote the fourth industrial reform, global manufacturing upgrades in progress. Industrial 1.0 is the steam engine-driven industrial revolution, 2.0 is the power of large-scale production line laying, 3.0 is the information technology to guide the automation.
        Industry 4.0 is a system of configuration elements of resources, from the customer to the factory under the full value of the custom chain, intelligent, dynamic production model, Internet of Things, service network and data network will replace the traditional closed manufacturing system as the basis for future industry.
        From the "mass production + mass marketing" consumer passive purchase, into "demand customization + large data marketing + participation in manufacturing" consumer initiative experience.
        China planning positioning:
        The core of "Made in China 2025" is: intelligent manufacturing, that is, based on a new generation of information technology, throughout the design, production, management, service and other manufacturing activities in all aspects of information with deep self-perception, intelligent optimization since the decision-making, precision control from the implementation of such functions Advanced manufacturing processes, systems and models.The main line is to speed up the new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth integration, the main direction is to promote intelligent manufacturing, the goal is to meet the economic and social development and national defense construction of major technical equipment needs ThePlanning to promote the intelligent upgrade, rather than just automation, more importantly, to promote the upgrading of information, through the sensor, machine vision and other systems applications, the formation of large data collection, response and future forecasts, in the product Development and manufacturing, product design and manufacturing, product quality and management system in three areas to form an effective closed-loop.
        Planning specific summary:
        Three stages: 1) 2015 to 2025, the comprehensive evaluation of manufacturing power index close to Germany, Japan to achieve the level of industrialization, China into the ranks of manufacturing power into the world manufacturing power second square; 2) 2025 to 2035 3) 2035 to 2045, into the world's manufacturing power of the first phalanx, has become a leading global influence of the manufacturing power of the country's leading position in the world's manufacturing industry, The(2) from the low-cost competitive advantage to the competitive advantage of quality and efficiency; 3) the resource consumption is large, the pollutant discharge to the green manufacturing transformation; 4) by the production of manufacturing (1) from the factor-driven to the innovation drive; To service-oriented manufacturing change.(2) to promote the integration of information technology and industrialization; 3) to strengthen the industrial base capacity; 4) to strengthen the quality of brand building; 5) the full implementation of green manufacturing; 6) to vigorously promote the focus of the three key tasks: 1) to improve the national manufacturing innovation capacity; 8) to actively develop service-oriented manufacturing and production services; 9) to improve the level of international development of manufacturing industry. (3) to promote the development of manufacturing industry;
        Top 10 areas: a new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy and new energy vehicles, power equipment, agricultural equipment, new materials, And high-performance medical equipment.
        Involving industry and related subject matter:
        Ministry of Industry in June 2015 opened the "smart manufacturing project in 2015" pilot, a total of 94 projects involved in the project, covering more than 10 research institutes and dozens of manufacturing enterprises (including more than 20 listed companies).
        The selected projects cover all eight key manufacturing areas except new materials and biomedicine. Listed companies are mainly located in various industries such as machinery, electrical equipment, automobile, home appliance and electronics. The project mainly focuses on the new generation of information technology (7 (3 items), marine equipment (3 items), agricultural machinery (2 items) and industrial robots (1 item), advanced equipment (4 items), new energy vehicles (3 items), marine equipment (3 items), agricultural machinery (2) and industrial robots (1).
        The "China-made 2025" related stocks covered by the market, the subject of a wide range of subject, including: the United States and Asia Optoelectronics, Brocade shares, Qixing Electronics, Jin extension shares, Huichuan technology, robot, Eston, , Huachang Da, the new time, Shenyang Machine Tool, China Aviation Power, Guorui Technology, China Aviation Science and Technology, China Aviation aircraft, Jinlong Automobile, Yutong Bus, Dinghan Technology, Connie Electrical, the new research shares, Star Agricultural Machinery, Liou shares , China Heavy Industries, Jerry shares, Han's laser, gold laser, Bo Yun new materials.
        Those who fall out of the opportunity:
        Finishing the industry is most concerned about the subject of the following table, many of which have announced more than 20% growth in the mid-year report performance, there are a lot of stock has returned to the planning announcement or at the beginning of the year; Should be once again concerned about becoming a good stock for the future.

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