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        What is the working principle of a vacuum cleaner?

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        Now there are a lot of people are using vacuum cleaners, but there are many people do not know what the working principle of vacuum cleaner, and sometimes there is a failure we can not be resolved in time, today Xiaobian gave you talk about the working principle of vacuum cleaner What is it?
        Speaking of the current home appliances we have to admit those who engage in research and development of the people, and with the vacuum cleaner has slowly walked into our lives, vacuum cleaner into the market for our family cleaning tools to bring innovation, many people are Will only use it, but do not know the structure and working principle of the vacuum cleaner, if you and Xiao Bian as full of curiosity on these issues, then take a look at it.
        How vacuum cleaner works
           1, its components by: shell, the main part is the motor, hairdryer impeller, straw (plastic hard elbow, hose, dust) (filter bag) with a plug attached to the power cord.
         2, vacuum cleaner is through the motor high-speed rotation, the formation of a vacuum in the host, the use of the resulting high-speed air from the suction port into the garbage. At this time the speed of air flow up to 240 per hour, lice and other pests into the host within, because of high-speed collision dust tube wall and died.
           3, inhalation of garbage in the vacuum cleaner, was stored in the bag machine, the filter has been purified air, then cooling the motor, while being discharged from the vacuum cleaner. Motor is the heart of a vacuum cleaner, its performance is good or bad, can directly affect the reliability of the vacuum cleaner.

        4, In addition, the vacuum cleaner used by the motor, every minute rotation of 20,000 to 40,000 turn. Such as the fan of the motor, the speed of about 1800 to 3600 rpm per minute, we can see how high the vacuum cleaner motor speed.
           5, vacuum produced by the combination of wind and vacuum force, these two factors have the opposite characteristics. In other words, when the wind power is weak, the vacuum is strong when the wind becomes smaller. The maximum value of the resultant force of the two is the "suction power" of the vacuum cleaner, and the suction power is expressed in watts (W).
           And the fan front of the vacuum part of the air to constantly add the air in the fan, resulting in vacuum inside the vacuum device to generate a negative pressure, and the outside world to form a negative pressure, under the action of this pressure, inhalation of dust containing air. Dust and other debris in turn through the carpet or floor brush, long take over, elbow, hose, hose connector into the dust bag, dust and other debris stay in the dust bag, the air after the filter purification, discharged from the tail of the body. The gas discharged from the tail of the vacuum cleaner is hot when the gas is heated by the motor. Vacuum cleaner with a dust collection box filled with dust, the dust will stay in the dust box, the box is full, you can remove the water scrub clean. The working principle of the electrostatic precipitator
         Dust electrostatic dust contains dust containing dust particles, in the high voltage DC power supply connected to the cathode line and the ground between the anode plate formed by the high voltage electric field through the cathode due to corona discharge, the gas is ionized. At this point, the negatively charged gas ions, under the action of the electric field force, the movement of the sun, in the movement and dust particles collide, then the dust particles to charge, charged dust particles in the electric field force, Also to the anode movement, to reach the anode, the release of the electronic, dust particles are deposited on the anode plate, and get the purified gas discharged outside the dust.

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