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        Common Faults and Maintenance Methods of Vacuum Cleaners

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        Household vacuum cleaners have now almost replaced the traditional manual labor, for our lives has brought great convenience, we use the vacuum cleaner, it will inevitably be some minor problems, and some knowledge of the vacuum cleaner is not very understanding, some customers in the Vacuum cleaner is often asked to buy a series of such problems, barrel vacuum cleaner how to install the dust bag? Is the vacuum of the vacuum cleaner normal? High-performance HEPA smart filter is what meaning and so on. In view of these problems today I order to summarize some of the following on the use of household vacuum cleaners to answer questions, I hope the pro in the purchase of household vacuum cleaners and the use of household vacuum cleaners can help.

        First, the vacuum cleaner motor can rotate but not dust its main reasons are: ① vacuum cleaner bag is full of gas blockage. Clear the garbage in the garbage bag can be. ② hose, nozzle, dust bag interface was blocked by foreign body. Should check the channel and the pores are blocked, remove the foreign body to make it smooth. ③ hose, brush and lengthen the connection between the tube caused by poor leakage. Check the connection and re-connect. ④ the middle part of the shell is not connected or sealed apron aging failure and so on. Check the connection, and check the seal ring, if necessary, for replacement processing.

        Second, connected to the machine does not work after the main reasons are: ① fuse blown, replace the new fuse. ② Poor power cord or motor cord is loose. ③ power switch damage (Note: Some vacuum cleaner has two switches: one mounted on the shell, the other installed in the hose handle). ④ motor damage. Only replace the new motor, if the motor bearing damage or carbon brush wear, can replace the new bearing or carbon brush.

        Third, the vacuum cleaner dust

        The main reasons are: ① motor speed is too low. Check whether the motor is normal (such as whether the winding short circuit, the bearing is flexible, fan blades are blocked), if damaged should be replaced. ② fan and motor fixed well, resulting in fan does not turn or speed is too low, can be re-fixed. ③ hose, nozzle, dust bag serious blockage. Clear foreign body to ensure smooth. ④ shell seal is not strict. Replacement of new seals

        Fourth, the vacuum cleaner shell leakage ① motor insulation failure. Just after drying insulation treatment, if invalid should replace the new motor. ② live part of the metal rod and touch. Find the touch point Insulation with insulation. 5, vacuum cleaner work on the TV or radio interference is mainly due to the motor brush and commutator caused by poor contact. The solution is to replace the carbon brush with a good contact with the commutator and between the two carbon brushes and a capacitor.

        6, vacuum cleaner power cord can not be pulled out after the brake system brake wheel and reel on the friction between the disc is good, if necessary, should be replaced by the spring and other related parts.

        7, vacuum cleaner work significantly increased the main reason is: ① the fasteners loose. Check the fasteners and reinforce them. ② motor fan loose, or fan blade touch shell. Re-adjust the fan can be. ③ motor bearing damage. Replacement of new bearings. ④ motor carbon brush wear. Replace the carbon brush!

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