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        Vacuum cleaner motor dismantling

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        Vacuum cleaner motor dismantling
        The first step, dismantling the fan. Usually the vacuum cleaner fan cover is buckle in the bearing cover, so we can use a flat-blade screwdriver to open the cover open, and then to the lower fan cover.
        The second step, remove the guide wheel. One hand grip the impeller, the other hand using a wrench loose nuts, unscrew, remove the pad ring, washers, impeller and other components, remove the guide wheel.
        The third step, open the brush. The use of electric iron, welding under the stator winding coil lead connector.The fourth step, open the bearing light. In the usual vacuum cleaner, the bearing cap and the housing are connected with four rivets. When we dismantle, it is necessary to do a good job to prepare for the assembly, that is, to ensure that the stator and armature concentric. Usually we need to do in the original rivet near the small eye to do symbols.
        Step 5, pull out the bearing cover hard. This process, the need to pay attention to maintaining the case, to prevent damage to the chassis of the future assembly.
        Step 6, pull out the armature. This step is usually based on the armature on the front and rear rolling bearing wear condition resolution is not open. That is, if the wear is not grim, do not have to unload; if the weary, use a special tool to open.
        How to maintain a vacuum cleaner
        1, the location of the vacuum cleaner, try not to put the vacuum cleaner or corrosive gas in the place, choose the local ventilation, to avoid damage to the body.
        2, before use, but also check the power cord and plug there is no damage, the use of the end of the power coil around a bar hanging on the head of the hook on the cover.
        3, the use of the process to pay attention to continuous use should not be too long, as much as possible within 2 hours. To avoid the formation of motor overheating, affecting the life of vacuum cleaners.
        4, a variety of different types, the standard vacuum cleaner, their structural features, functional characteristics are not the same. Therefore, the purchase of the vacuum cleaner in the use of the need to carefully read the instructions before use, to avoid improper use of the formation of vacuum cleaner damage and endangering personal safety.
        5, before use, should be the first hose and shell suction port convergence, hose and the receiving and receiving the end of the nozzle, such as furniture brush, slot nozzle, floor brush, etc. to tighten the prison.

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