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        Vacuum cleaner motor

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         Vacuum cleaner motor (VACUUM CLEANER MOTOR) is the heart of the vacuum cleaner. The main types of vacuum cleaner motors are: THRU-FLOW, BY-PASS. Vacuum cleaner motor consists of two parts: the motor part and the fan part, because the vacuum cleaner motor speed requirements are very high, generally in the 20000-30000 per minute, so the motor is mainly used string motor class, also known as the series motor.There are copper wire and aluminum motor of the points.
        Copper wire motor has high temperature, long life, long operation time, etc., but the price is higher than the aluminum;
        Aluminum wire motor has the characteristics of low price, but the temperature is poor, low melting point, long life and copper long.
        The stator field windings and the armature (rotor) windings are connected in series, both through the DC and AC power, with commutator commutation of the motor.
        The stator is mainly composed of stator, rotor, front, rear cover (cover) and cooling fan, which consists of stator core and winding wound on pole piece, which produces excitation magnetic flux, The rotor is composed of rotor core, shaft, armature winding and commutator. Its function is to ensure and produce continuous electromagnetic moment. The rotor is driven by the shaft to convert the electric energy into mechanical energy. , Which will be fixed, the rotor connected into a fixed role in which the shaft, front and rear cover to have sufficient strength to prevent the armature and the hood resonance phenomenon, causing vibration and danger.Generally before and after the rear cover rolling or sliding Bearing.
        After understanding the basic structure of the string motor, and then return to the vacuum cleaner motor part of the fan part of the main two main components: moving impeller and set the impeller, the main impeller is the wind, when the impeller to 20000-30000 per Minute of the high speed of rotation, the inlet will produce negative pressure to form a vacuum, and then the formation of suction; set impeller, also known as the wind guide wheel, the main role is to make the impeller produced by the air flow more smoothly released, Road is good or bad, a direct impact on the efficiency of vacuum cleaner motor. Vacuum cleaner motor applications: a variety of household industrial dry suction vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, central vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and various types of sweeping machine. In fact, vacuum cleaner motors are not limited to those used in vacuum cleaners, such as bubble baths, paint, stage artificial snowflakes, agricultural machinery, etc. need suction equipment.
        Rotary: Commutator: Core: End plate:
        Bearing: Insulation paint: for the film:
        Iron core: enameled wire: insulating paper: Insulating liner
        Support components:
        Brush components:
        A brush: a brush. A brush:
        Brush: brush flexible
        Fan part:
        Set impeller: diffuser (guide vane) impeller: impeller hood: fan cover screw: screwWhen using a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, move the carpet in the direction of the smooth hair, so that dust can be used to keep the carpet hair flat, it will not break the carpet. Beware of using a vacuum cleaner to absorb flammable and explosive materials, or something that is relatively high in temperature to avoid burning or exploding. Dry vacuum cleaner can not absorb the liquid, ordinary household vacuum cleaner also try to avoid drawing metal scrap, or easy to cause damage to the vacuum cleaner, affecting performance. Dust bag vacuum cleaner If you find the dust bag is damaged should immediately stop the vacuum, and immediately replace the dust bag.
        Avoid dust damage to the motor. Should not be used for a long time, if used for some time, the dust accumulated in the filter bag led to decreased suction, this time can shake the box, the dust was shocked at the bottom of the box, the suction will be restored. If the vacuum cleaner dust bag, dust bucket inside the dust is too much, as soon as possible to remove the dust, keep the dust bucket clean, so as not to affect the vacuum effect and motor cooling. Abnormal sound when the dust occurs, or do not take the dust, it is necessary to check, or send a vacuum cleaner should be placed in a dry place. Do not wipe the switch with wet cloth when cleaning, otherwise it may cause leakage or short circuit. The motor has a thermal power protection function, which is the machine self-protection, not what is wrong. After the machine is turned on, the motor is running at high speed (about every second), it will produce a certain amount of heat. Under normal circumstances, the temperature rise is about degrees, and the protection temperature is two minutes.
        The motor in the operation of heat generated at the same time, driven by the front of the impeller operation, resulting in suction from the inlet pipe into a lot of air, air flow through the motor from the rear exhaust, take away the heat. In simple terms, the motor is cooled by the air, and when your motor overheat protection, please check all the inlet ducts, including the brush, steel pipe, hose, dust bucket (dust bag), filter. After the cleaning is complete, the machine can be used again in the rest of the minutes. Use a vacuum cleaner to avoid the impact. After the use of the barrel should be promptly cleaned up debris and the dust accessories, dust dust bag. And after each work clean, check whether there is no perforation or leakage, and clean the water with a clean detergent thoroughly clean dust and dust bags, and air-dried, should not use the dry dust dust bag. Note that the hose does not frequently fold to fold, do not over-stretching and bending, usually should be vacuum storage in a dry place.
        Do not use vacuum cleaner to suck gasoline, banana water, cigarette butts and broken glass, needles, nails and the like, do not smoke damp objects, liquids, sticky objects and dust containing metal powder, so as not to damage the vacuum cleaner and the accident. In the use of the process, once found a foreign body plug the straw, you should immediately shut down the inspection, the foreign matter cleared and then continue to use.  
        In the use of the hose, nozzle and connecting rod interface fastening, especially small pieces of the gap nozzle, floor brush, etc. to pay special attention to if used for a long time, every half hour to pause once. Generally continuous work should not exceed the hour. Otherwise the work will cause the motor overheating, if the machine is not automatically cooling protection is very easy to burn the motor, affecting the machine life. If the host heat, issued Jiao Wei, or abnormal vibration and sound, should be promptly repaired, do not force to use.

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