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        The principle of high pressure air blower in vacuum cleaner

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        Industrial vacuum cleaner is a multi-functional vacuum cleaning equipment. It is mainly composed of vortex air pump (through, bypass type vacuum motor), high precision filter cartridge (bag), filter self cleaning device (pulse, pressure backflush; shock), cyclone, water level float, submersible sewage pump , Electronic control device, dust bucket quick loading and unloading device, chassis, casters, vacuum hose, a variety of special vacuum tools and other components.

        Industrial vacuum cleaner works through the whirlpool pump (through, bypass type vacuum motor), cyclones and other equipment will be evacuated inside the vacuum barrel, so that the rapid increase in negative pressure, high pressure so that the air quickly through the inlet flow Dust inside the barrel, through the dust brush, dust pipes and cyclones and so on. The strong winds carry the dust and solid particles that need to be collected and processed into the dust drum. The filter bag is connected with the air inlet. The solid particles are attached to the inner surface of the filter bag. After the initial filtered air passes through the gap of the filter bag, The secondary filter, so that the air can be discharged to the standard. The dust that is adhered to the filter bag can be cleaned by means of backflush or shock to keep the filter clean. After filtering the air through the vortex pump outlet into the exhaust duct, and ultimately back to the workshop inside.

        The higher the negative pressure of the industrial vacuum cleaner, the stronger the suction force, the wider the diameter of the vacuum interface. The smaller the corresponding negative pressure, the weaker the suction. By selecting a different model, the negative pressure can be maintained within a constant range to accommodate different materials to absorb and deal with.

        Industrial vacuum cleaners are essentially different from commercial and civilian vacuum cleaners. In the process of producing industrial vacuum cleaners, the key technology is the performance and accuracy of the filter material, the product seal and the safety protection of the pump. Especially in the solution of nuclear industry dust, because the site has radioactive, the person's body will cause harm, so the use of vacuum equipment, there are high standards.

        The proper use of industrial vacuum cleaners

        There are many types of industrial vacuum cleaners on the market, and there are many forms of use, but few people use industrial vacuum cleaners correctly. And the wrong use of industrial vacuum cleaner will not only cause the equipment to reduce the life of a long time is likely to cause security risks. So our operators must use the industrial vacuum cleaner in order to ensure the smooth progress of cleaning work. Here we introduce the correct use of industrial vacuum cleaner.

        First, a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners, models, specifications, structural performance and functional characteristics are different. Before using the need to carefully read the instructions carefully, to avoid the use of improper use of industrial vacuum cleaner damage and the safety of the use of the crisis.

        Second, the use of ordinary industrial vacuum cleaner temperature can not exceed 40 degrees, the workplace can not be more than 1000 meters above sea level, have a good ventilation environment, the air can not be flammable, corrosive gas drying room used in the environment.

        Third, before use, the first hose should be connected with the end of the mouth, hose front and each section of the long nozzle and nozzle connection, such as PVC suction brush, bevel suction nozzle, pulley with a brush and so on to tighten Hold on. As the bevel suction nozzle inlet is very small, the use of high noise, can not be used for a long time.

        Fourth, good grounding, to ensure safe use of electricity. The general industrial vacuum cleaner is preferably no more than 8 hours of continuous work, mainly to prevent the motor from overheating and burned. And a kind of special design of the industrial vacuum cleaner due to the use of a special cooling system, you can work continuously for 36 hours without downtime, can be used with the machine.

        5, the use of automatic reel device with industrial vacuum cleaner, the power cord can be pulled out enough length can be used, do not pull the power cord, if you see the power cord has a yellow or red mark, you must immediately stop pulling out, To prevent the power cord from the head. If you need to roll back the power cord, press the button directly to automatically recover.

        6, dry industrial vacuum cleaner does not allow water, wet hands can not operate vacuum cleaners. If you need to clean the place there is a large paper group, plastic cloth or waste than the diameter of the waste, should be removed in advance, otherwise easily lead to straw obstruction.

        7, industrial vacuum cleaner to absorb liquid material, to remove the filter, and pay attention to the liquid in time to empty.

        8, any industrial vacuum cleaner before use, should be depending on the cleaning place, adjust the suction size. Generally in the elbow has a round hole, above the adjustment ring. When the adjustment ring to cover the hole on the elbow, the maximum suction, when the adjustment ring so that the hole is completely exposed, the minimum suction. There are industrial vacuum cleaner is the use of motor speed control method to adjust the suction.

        9, single industrial vacuum cleaner motor for high-speed motor, brush long-term operation easy to wear, the general use of one year to a year and a half should be replaced once brush.

        10, in time to clean up the garbage inside the dust bucket, clean up the garbage at the same time to remove the accumulation of dust on the filter, which is to avoid blocking the filter to cause the suction drop, the motor fever and reduce the life of industrial vacuum cleaner situation.

        11, when the suction of industrial vacuum cleaner, you can vibrate the oscillator on the vacuum, so that the suction recovery. If the vibration on the vacuum cleaner can not make the suction recovery, which means dust inside the dust tank is full, should be promptly clean the dust bucket.

        12, industrial vacuum cleaner after use, should be kept in a dry environment, if placed in a wet place will affect the insulation performance and service life.

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