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        The basic operating conditions of the motor

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        Motor operating conditions are divided into normal operating conditions and special operating conditions.

        Normal operating conditions are divided into general field operating conditions and electrical operating conditions. GB7552000 "rotating motor quota and performance" in the provisions of the basic operating conditions of the motor include: the altitude, ambient temperature, cooling medium and relative humidity requirements, electrical conditions, during operation voltage and frequency changes, the motor midpoint Grounding and other provisions.

        1, elevation: generally not more than 1000M. Such as special requirements, can be negotiated by the supply and demand sides.

        2, the maximum ambient air temperature: the motor running the ambient temperature changes with the seasons, generally not more than 40 ℃. But some special motor can be more than 40 ℃, micro motor maximum ambient temperature of 125 ℃.

        3, the minimum ambient temperature: the installation has been installed in place or power to stop the motor, the operating site of the minimum ambient temperature of -15 ℃; for micro motor minimum air temperature of -55 ℃. The minimum ambient air temperature for motors with water as primary or secondary cooling medium is 5 ° C.

        4, the ambient air relative humidity: the motor running the site of the wet month monthly average relative humidity of 90%, while the monthly average minimum temperature is not higher than 25 ℃.

        5, the voltage and current waveform symmetry: for the AC motor, the power supply voltage waveform sine distortion rate of not more than 5%; for multi-phase motor, the power supply voltage of the negative sequence component of not more than 5% (long-term operation) or 1.5% (No more than a few minutes of short run), and the voltage zero sequence component does not exceed 1% of the positive sequence component.

        6, the deviation of the voltage during operation: When the motor power supply voltage (such as AC power, the frequency is rated) between the rated value of 95% to 105% change, the output power can still maintain the rated value. When the voltage changes, the motor performance and temperature rise are allowed to deviate from the specified.

        7, the frequency deviation during operation: However, the AC motor frequency (voltage rating) of the deviation does not exceed ± 1%, the output power can still maintain the rated value.

        8, voltage and frequency at the same time deviation: voltage and frequency at the same time deviation (the two deviations were not more than ± 5% and ± 1%), if both are positive, and its and not more than 6%; or both Are negative values, or are positive and negative values, and the absolute value of the sum does not exceed 5%, the motor output power can still maintain the rated value.

        9, the motor neutral ground: AC motor (Y link) should be able to neutral point in the ground potential or close to the ground potential of the case of continuous operation. If the end of the motor winding and the neutral point of the insulation is different from the instructions should be used in the motor instructions, without the consent of the motor factory, does not allow the neutral point of the motor or the neutral point of multiple motor connected to each other The

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