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        Classification of rotating electrical machines

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         Classification of rotating electrical machines

        1, the general classification of motor methods

        According to the motor use classification, can be divided into generators, motors, special purpose motor.

        According to the motor current type classification, can be divided into DC motor and AC motor. AC motor can be divided into synchronous motor and asynchronous motor.

        According to the motor phase number classification, can also be divided into single-phase motor and multi-phase (commonly used three-phase) motor.

        According to the size of the motor or size classification, can be divided into large, medium, small, micro-motor.

        The motor can also be used in other ways (such as frequency, speed, movement, magnetic field establishment and distribution, etc.), can also be used according to the use of the motor environment, use, shell protection type, ventilation cooling method and cooling medium, structure, performance, insulation , Excitation mode and work system and other characteristics of classification.

        2, according to the motor use classification and the main purpose:

        3, commonly used in small and medium motor classification principle

        3.1 small and medium-sized AC motor

        Small and mediumsized AC motor that is the center height of 630mm and below or stator core diameter of 990mm and below the motor.

        3.2 large AC motor

        Large-scale AC motor is the stator core diameter of 990mm or more motor.

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