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        What is the definition of a rotating motor?

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         Rotating motor (hereinafter referred to as the motor) is to rely on the principle of electromagnetic induction and operation of the rotating electromagnetic machinery, used to achieve the mechanical energy and energy conversion. The generator absorbs the mechanical power from the mechanical system and outputs the electric power to the electric system. The electric motor absorbs the electrical power from the electrical system and outputs the mechanical power to the mechanical system.  

        The principle of motor running is based on the law of electromagnetic induction and the law of electromagnetic force. When the energy conversion of the motor, should have the two components can be relative to the movement: the establishment of the magnetic field components, induced electromotive force and flow through the working current of the sensor components. These two parts, the static called the stator, for the rotary motion known as the rotor. There is an air gap between the rotors so that the rotor rotates.  

        The electromagnetic torque is generated by the interaction of the field magnetic field in the air gap with the magnetic field established by the current in the sensing element. Through the role of electromagnetic torque, the generator from the mechanical system to absorb mechanical power, the motor to the mechanical system output mechanical power. The establishment of the two magnetic fields in different ways, the formation of different types of motor. For example, two magnetic fields are generated by the DC current, the formation of DC motor; two magnetic fields are generated by different frequency AC current, the formation of asynchronous motor; a magnetic field generated by the DC current, another magnetic field generated by the AC current, the formation of synchronization Motor.  

        The magnetic field energy of the motor is stored in the air gap, which makes the motor link the mechanical system and the electrical system and realize the energy conversion. Therefore, the air gap magnetic field is also called the coupling magnetic field.  

        When the motor winding current flows, will produce a certain flux, and in its coupling magnetic field to store a certain amount of electromagnetic energy. Flux and magnetic field energy storage with the number of changes, the rotor current and rotor position varies, resulting in electromotive force and electromagnetic torque, to achieve electromechanical energy conversion. This energy conversion is theoretically reversible, that is, the same motor can be used as a generator or as a motor. But in fact, after the completion of a motor, due to the two operating conditions of the motor parameters and characteristics of the reasons, very satisfied to meet the objective requirements of the two operating conditions, so the same motor without modification and redesign, not Arbitrarily change its operating state.  

        Electrical energy conversion process, the existence of electrical energy, mechanical energy, magnetic field energy and heat. Thermal energy is generated by the internal energy loss of the motor.  

        For motors:  Power input from the power supply = energy savings in the coupled electromagnetic field + energy loss inside the motor + mechanical energy output to the generator:  

        Mechanical energy input from the mechanical system = energy storage in the coupled electromagnetic field + energy loss inside the motor + output power

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