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        The 10th anniversary of Yongjie Technology

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        The 10th anniversary of Yongjie Technology-Be grateful and responsible

        On March 10, we gathered together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Suzhou Yongjie Motor Co., Ltd. ??

        Since July 3, 2009, the company has gone through countless days and nights. These 10 years are not only a decade of hard work and full of hardships, but also a very substantial and fruitful one. A kind of

        Looking back 10 years ago today, the company officially put into trial operation. Although she was born quietly, she has her own clear goal -- a century old brand enterprise. With the courage to forge ahead, with the help of the favorable conditions of rapid social and economic growth, and in accordance with the objective laws and the requirements of governments at all levels, today's company profits are increasing year by year, and the brand is gradually recognized by patients. It has taken a solid step in the journey to a century old enterprise! We can say with pride: the achievements of the company in the past 10 years are gratifying. In the face of achievements, we are grateful: thank all colleagues for their efforts! In the past 10 years, all colleagues of the company have been in the same boat, tirelessly pursuing and forging ahead. It is Yongjie people who are willing to contribute and work hard that we have achieved today's results! Yongjie people with sweat, youth and enthusiasm, the company has the determination to overcome all difficulties! It is the intelligence of Yongjie people that makes the company's goal and Prospect of a century old enterprise have support and motivation! Full of confidence! A kind of

        I sincerely hope that in the future, I can continue to work hard with you, stand at a new starting point, breed new hope, and believe that we can go more steadily and further.

        Ten years to build a sword, a hundred years to build a dream!

        Warmly celebrate the 10th anniversary of Suzhou Yongjie Motor Co., Ltd

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